Snowblower Maintenance Information

Ensure Your Snowblower Works Well for Years

Periodic maintenance of your snowblower, particularly in the spring after it has been heavily used, will ensure that your machine works well for years to come.

Tips for maintaining your snowblower

  • Drain the gas from the tank or add stabilizer to the gas tank. This will ensure that the gasoline won’t solidify and that the engine will start easily next fall.
  • Drain old engine oil; add fresh oil for next year.
  • Check for loose and frayed drive belts; replace any that are stretched or worn.
  • Check tires for wear; if there is need, inflate them to the proper pressure.
  • Lubricate the drive mechanism, the auger and impeller movements.
  • Once fall arrives, it's advisable that you install a new sparkplug (at least every other year.) This will ensure that your engine runs smoothly and without problems.

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