Snowblower Safety Information

Operate Your Snowblower with Care and Caution

Snoblowers are the winter equivalent of power mowers – both are like double-edged swords. Both machines can make life much easier; one no longer needs to cut the lawn or shovel a lot of snow by hand.

However, it's important to operate both machines with care and caution. Both machines utilize fast moving mechanical parts and when used carelessly can be dangerous and have the potential to cause serious injury. Use them with care!

Tips for operating your snowblower safely

  • Don’t restrict your vision when operating a snowblower, and always wear clohing that allows you freedom of movement. Hoods can potentially block your peripheral vision, so be cautious. It is advisable to wear warm shoes that provide good traction.
  • Always add fuel to the snowblower’s gas tank outdoors, never in the garage or in an enclose space. Never add gasoline to the snowblower tank when the machine is running or when the engine is hot. Spilling gas onto the hot engine could cause fire.
  • Store your gas can outside, away from your house, and always keep it tightly sealed.
  • Never leave your snowblower running in enclosed spaces like your garage. Carbon monoxide gas is odorless and can kill.
  • At all times, pay attention and keep your hands and feet away from all moving parts of the machine.
  • Never try unclogging a blocked snowthrower while the machine is running. If the machine is clogged, stop the engine first. Use a long stick or a broom handle to break up the blockage. It is extremely important to never use your hands to unclog a snowblower. As a precaution, spray WD-40 or cooking spray on the discharge chute, auger and impeller before you start blowing snow. This will help prevent clogs, even with wet and heavy snow.
  • Never point the discharge chute at a bystander or at a nearby object. A solid object picked up and thrown out of the snowblower chute can cause serious injury or damage.

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